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Every Little Moment…

In 2008 I had the great pleasure of meeting for the first time Samantha and Aubrey at WPPI in Las Vegas. We shared a room together and got all dolled up and went to parties. I learned a lot about the two ladies and knew I wanted to someday shoot beside them.

In October I had a double header wedding weekend that required a second shooter. They were available and I flew them out to shoot with me that weekend. They helped shoot the weddings of Lizzie and Mike as well as Kathy and Jeremiah.

Of course they stayed a few extra days and we were able to do some fun photo sessions (and girlie stuff like makeup at the MAC counter and pedicures). Here are two of my favorites of them… and if you look a couple posts down you can see their work on our New Year’s Day cards.

Samantha Nicole Johnson

Aubrey Robison

Please check out their blog and website at www.everylittlemomentphotography.com


I found out yesterday that one of my engagement shots from last week made the front cover of Flickr’s Explore page! Flickr’s Explore are a collection of images that are deemed “interesting”… I’ve had about 67 images make it to the Explore pages… but never on the front page.

Flickr’s finest images are selected for their clickthroughs and where they are coming from; who comments on it and when; who marks it as a favorite; its tags and many more things which are constantly changing.

Having this photo on the front page of Explore has landed it over 2,100 views in less than two days, 120 comments and 314 people call it a favorite. This is a huge honor for me… and I am so excited to have finally made the front page!!!

View original image with comments on Flickr…

Thanks to Tracy and Tim for taking me up on the idea of spinning on the merry-go-round and for giving me a few shots to get it just right. We were all pretty dizzy after this shot! The rest of their engagement photographs are just as awesome!!!

Your spin me right round baby...

Every Little Moment….

My friends Aubrey and Samantha of Every Little Moment Photography from Salt Lake City, Utah were in town last week as my guest shooters. We had lots of shoot on the calendar including 2 weddings, one engagement session and a couple of “just for fun” shoot outs.

The girls in Wisconsin :: Flickr meetup

The girls flew into O’Hare airport and rented an HHR to drive to Neenah. On the way into town they met up with me and local photographers in Hartford, WI for our monthly meeting. The girls were able to have a glimpse of the new project we are working on for our brides…

The next day we traveled to Oshkosh for a shoot-out between Ardent Photography and Every Little Moment. Included in this session was my assistant Natalie.

On Friday it was down to the Madison area to shoot a wedding for Lizzie and Mike. They had their reception at the Lake Windsor Golf Club… voted Best of 2008 by Wisconsin Bride Magazine for best reception venue!!! It was fab!

On Saturday we shot a local outdoor wedding at Smith Park in Menasha… This wedding was a BLAST to shoot. It was a military wedding with 4 members of the wedding party in their full dress military uniforms.

Sunday was time to get down to business with some relaxation time… we got makeovers at the MAC counter and pedicures to soothe our achy feet. Then we did another photo session and capped the night off with dinner and tiramisu at Victoria’s.

It was such a blast hanging out with these girls! I can’t wait until I can travel to Salt Lake and shoot with them!


Three of my images I shot as a fan at the Packers vs. Seahawks playoff game were published in Community Connection News (CCN)- a Milwaukee magazine. I was surprised to find an email from an editor in my in box a few months ago. When they told me they were using my images as full page spreads I didn’t really believe them…

Last week I received a large envelope with the latest printed issue of CCN Magazine. I opened right to my image. Ha! There they were three full pages of my Packers glory… The funniest thing is, I used an kit lens from an old film camera. It had a pretty wide range and I didn’t care if it got damaged by snow… overall the quality is ok. But if I would have know that some of the images I shot that day were going to be full page in a magazine I might have brought some better glass!

Oh, and an editor from the magazine wants me to let you all know that the magazine is on newsstands now. You can purchase your own copy at Walgreens, Cops and Pick N’ Save stores.


Cover photo of #4 is not mine ๐Ÿ˜‰

To see more images from that game please visit my flickr stream

WPPI 2008 :: Rockstar Photographers

Day 5 – Sunday

Our WPPI 2008 Flickr Group had it’s very first meet-up at the Venetian Hotel’s Grand Lux Cafe. Those in attendance were Kate Nadine, Danielle, Zach (Goody), Kelly A. Lee, Corey Ann, Kelly, Aubrey, Samantha Nicole and Melissa Brown. After we ate and chatted we walked the shops at the Venetian and saw the Gondolas.

A group shot of the WPPI 2008 Flickr group:

From left to right: Kelly, Amy, Melissa, Kelly, Corey, Kate and Danielle.

That afternoon the trade show opened, the first class was taught and the parties began. We were invited to the Robert EvansPhotography Mentor/Sara France GoBee Party in a penthouse suite at Mandalay Bay. The party was really cool. They had a photobooth and a airbrush tattoo artist. Many amazing photographers also were in attendance – I got to have some pretty cool conversations with Anne Ruthmann, Jesh de Rox and Becker. I also got to meet some amazing up and coming photographers such as Mel Barlow, Abby Rose, Pepper Nix and Punam Bean.

Some photos from the party:

Jesh and the Flickr Girls
Photo by Anne Ruthmann
Aubrey, Melissa, Jesh, Samantha and Amy

WPPI 2008
Photo courtesy of Melissa’s point and shoot.
Samantha, Aubrey, Becker, Amy and Melissa.

WPPI 2008
Photo courtesy of Melissa’s point and shoot.
Amy, Aubrey, Mel, Melissa, Jesh and Samantha.

Photo courtesy of Foto Cabina Photo Booth – SOOOO much fun!!!!

We snuck out of the Photography Mentor Party to check out the Pixel 2 Canvas party. We were able to meet Kevin, the inventor of the RadioPopper flash trigger device. I was able to test the RadioPoppers on my camera…all I can say is it is so very cool. I cannot wait for mine to be shipped!

Kevin - the brains behind Radiopopper!

That night we stayed up quite late… but it was sooooo worth it ๐Ÿ˜‰

ATW – SJC :: Wednesday, February 27, 2008

All week I thought my plane left in the early evening. On Tuesday I realized that for California my plane left at 7:00 am in the morning. Rush mode kicked in…. and I started freaking just a tad on the details and logistics. If you have ever went on a trip on your own, not really knowing where you will end up that night you know the feelings that were running through my body.

my bag is packed!

I was able to pack my gear in my carry-on – this time a little more secure with a Pelican Case divider I bought from B&H. I can fit almost all of my gear in this carry-on with a little room to spare. I also packed my suitcase full of clothes…my stay in CA was 4 nights and 5 days…. I needed to look cute at the wedding and all so I also had to pack my beauty aides ๐Ÿ˜‰ Ladies, you know…. your own hair dryer, make-up and products. I did a trip to Boston a few months ago without these items and I felt a little lost. Not that it matters how you look really but it just feels good to feel the normalcy of your daily routine.

My flight took off from Appleton without any delays or weird things happening. Except that one of the girls I was planning on hanging out with got extremely sick and was unable to fly out. Beyond that major bummer – my voyage went off without any hitches… that is until my shuttle from the San Jose airport arrived at the address that Rachel gave me.

When I arrived at the house I noticed that the house looked under construction and a sign out front made it look like it was for sale. I ended up getting in the house and was greeted by Ali’s uncle from Iran. He offered me tea and I sat outside and soaked up some sunshine. That sunshine renewed my soul from the inside out. I was so happy to have made the trip and on my own.

Later that day Ali came home to do a few things and offered to take me along with him while he ran some errands. When I got out to the drive and saw that he was driving a porsche convertible I was so happy that I agreed to go with him. He put the convertible top down and we were off – I could not stop smiling!!! We arrived at a botanical gardens and explored a trail looking for Rachel’s friends. Ali and I hiked up a very steep path and talked about the wedding, their honeymoon and other stuff. Ali is a great guy, very down to earth and very much in love with Rachel. I was fortunate to have spent some time with him.

for Susannah
Ali seen here posing as Fidel Castro (minus the hat).
The beard was part of a beard growing contest at www.wiskerino.org –
the shave off day was February 29, his wedding day!

Soon after our little hike, we finally found Rachel’s friends. Todd – a smart, plant loving botanist who was totally geeking out on all the neat plants and trees around. James – an accomplished sailor and beard boasting participant on the wiskerino.org site who is a grad student in Hawaii. Susannah – a sweet girl with a great laugh who is very intellectual and likes to talk theology. Maria – Rachel’s dear friend and the girl who got things done. About the same time I finally met Rachel in person. I know everybody thought it was strange that I meet my friend for the very first time in person the days before her wedding. That is the thing about our Flickr group. We are pretty close…but we are all over the country. When we have the opportunity to meet up and shoot some photos we jump on it. I was very honored to have finally met Rachel face to face ๐Ÿ˜‰

Later that night Gwyn and I left the hustle and bustle of the Persian household and headed to our Super 8 Motel oasis. We dined at the Mexican restaurant at the hotel – I had my Negra Modelo and she had her 2nd burrito in 2 days! After that we headed up to our room and Gwyn started to make Rachel’s veil… yes her veil. Gwyn is so very talented and does a great job visualizing and implementing her ideas.

California was starting to become one of my most favorite places…

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