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How do you pronounce the word Boudoir?

Boudoir (Pron. ‘bu dwa or ‘bud war) – This word was populated from French rhetoric and enunciated without the the “r” at the end, although in typical American rhetoric it is enunciated with the “r”.

What types of boudoir sessions do you offer?

We offer a variety of boudoir sessions. Mini-Sessions and Full-Sessions are available year-round in our Neenah studio.  In a Row Sessions or Private Sessions are reserved for November – May.  Visit this page for more detailed information on our sessions.

Where will my session be?

In Studio Sessions are in downtown historic Neenah at our brand new loft studio.  For Privately booked sessions, locations can vary from your home or condo to your favorite hotel in any city you wish. In-a-Row Sessions are held in a boutique hotel in either the Milwaukee or Appleton area.

What does the session include?

All sessions include a super fun photography experience and the artistic yet gorgeous photography of Amy Gaerthofner.

Each session is a little different and varies for their inclusions. Every session includes exclusive, individualized password protected online access to your own photos. As well as access to a large variety of custom products you can order, you will also receive photo retouching for ordered images.

What if I need to reschedule?

We understand things come up. Please understand that rescheduling impacts our studio and the salon in which we’ve reserved time for your services. You have the ability to reschedule your shoot and we will apply your payments towards another date. If you do not reschedule your shoot within 30 days your payment is forfeited. Please refer to our Late/No-Show/Cancellation policy in our contract or on our site.

How should I prepare for my session?

We suggest to make a list…

After you’ve booked your session, refer to your package to see if you have hair and make-up included.  We know that a lot of you may be very good at doing your own make-up, however having your make-up done professionally can help you achieve that “camera-ready” look! It does make a difference.  The same goes for your hair…just remember to wear a button-front or loose shirt so you can change out of it without smudging anything.

A few days prior to your session we suggest deciding on what you’re going to wear. This way, if you need extra “props” or accessories you will give yourself some time to get them. Please prepare to bring your outfits on hangers… if you are unable to get out of the house with a garment bag, please gently place any lingerie in a larger bag to keep from getting it wrinkled. 

The night before, go through your list and make sure you’ve scratched off everything that was important to you! 

…do you have your outfit(s), accessories, props, shoes, “touch-up” make-up, and good excuse to tell your significant other?

How revealing is the shoot?

“Implied nudity” or sometimes referred to as “leave it up to his imagination”, is part of what helps create a sensual boudoir session. Your session will be catered to your comfort level.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes. Although we suggest only one friend, preferably female. 

Can I suggest ideas or bring in props?

Absolutely…. We want to make your boudoir session as individualized as you are. Bringing props often spark special moments or memories, making your boudoir photographs that much more desirable to your special someone.

I’ve always wanted long hair, do you suggest using hair extensions for boudoir?

Yes! Hair extensions are a fun and easy way to give yourself a new look! Having extensions done professionally is a big commitment, but one that will make you very very happy if you have fine hair or are looking to transition from short to long. The best hair extension expert in the area is Valerie Young – contact her for more information.

Be careful with hair extensions that you buy at the local beauty supply store. They usually are not made of human hair and may look fake. Look for human hair that closely matches your current shade…

Do you supply outfits?

No – we don’t offer outfits. Boudoir photography helps reflect your inner and outer beauty. Wearing your own clothing helps you feel comfortable and keeps your individuality!

Do you supply shoes or necklaces?

Yes! We do have long necklaces and some accessories as well as shoes. These are for those “Oops, I forgot to bring….” moments! 

Where can I buy cute outfits?

Find what it is that is inspiring you to have the boudoir session, then build your outfit(s) off of that.

Look in his closet! Is there something in there that you know he’d love to see you in? A favorite tie… boxers… white button down… or even his favorite jersey?

Look in your closet! Do you have a loose knit cowl neck sweater and a pair of Uggs? How about a flowy scarf that could double as a sexy bandeau or just those red lacy boy cuts that drive him nuts!!

When shopping is in order, try your local fun and flirty boutiques, no-fail Victoria Secrets, or even the local department stores! If it’s around Halloween, try the Halloween stores!

Our favorite boutique lingerie shops include Allure in Mequon and Brookfield, Christianson’s in Oshkosh and La Lingerie in Madison.

Just remember… sometimes “Less is More”!

Should I apply a fake tan to cover my tan lines?

A fake tan can help with a “bronzed body” glow…in person.  However, it doesn’t always translate well on film. Don’t worry about tan lines or pale skin, retouching will provide you with naturally healthy and radiant looking skin.

If you absolutely want that bronzed glow, tan at a  salon a few times per week for several weeks….a few long sessions prior to your boudoir shoot will leave you more red than tan. If UV tanning isn’t your thing, you might want to have a professional spray tan. Make sure you ask them how to prepare for the spray, most places will suggest exfoliating at least 2-3 days prior to coming in and making sure to moisturize every day. This will help with that “clumpy” look. Spray and lotion tans clump up on elbows, wrists, ankles & knees or any other place where there may be rough or dead skin.

I have a large variety of lingerie, how do I narrow down my selections for the shoot?

Finding “the perfect outfit” is sometimes tricky and often frustrating. So keep “confident” & “sexy/sensual” in mind when choosing! 

If you are having these photographs done for your significant other, choose lingerie that may spark special memories or may “rev” his engine! Keep in mind that “Lingerie” to him may mean his work shirt, t-shirt, jersey, boy cut briefs or super sassy pair of stilettos!

If you’re having these done for yourself… wear something that reminds you of when you feel your best. Keep in mind fun colors, designs, favorite shoes, and accessories, really help your personality shine through!  

If you’re still stuck… bring a few of your “I don’t know options” along on the shoot and Amy will let you know what will photograph the best.

Last thing to think of…if your special someone has ever said…. “Honey, you’d look good in a shower curtain”… don’t worry, this is a compliment and has now just made your outfit selection a lot easier!!

How long does it take to get the finished product?

Depending on what you order it might take up to 6 weeks. Typically, once you place an order, you should receive the finished product with in 3-4 weeks.  If you are short on time, you can always add the “Rush” to your order.  Depending on the type of “Rush” you select, your order can be produced in less than 10 days!

What excuses do girls use to get out of the house without being detected?

“…I’m taking some me time and going shopping for the day…”
“…I’m doing some really boring wedding planning, why don’t you stay home and watch the game with the guys…”
“…I’m in need of some girl time, see you later tonight…”
“…I’m doing yet another trial for my hair and make-up for the wedding…”
“…my mom called and wants to spend some time together this afternoon…want to come with?”

“Hey sweetie, I’m having sensual boudoir photos taken for you this afternoon, do you mind?”

Please share your creative “excuses” with us…..

I’m super shy, but I know my guy would love the boudoir images. Will you work with me so that I look comfortable in the photos?

A lot of people are shy having boudoir photographs taken. Your images will reflect your inner and outer beauty, so having these photographs taken at your comfort level is important, and we will ensure that you feel comfortable throughout your session!

Will you retouch my photos?

Yes, all photos will be retouched prior to printing. If you have specific instructions or suggestions, share them with us when you place your order. 

How soon will I see my images?

You will be able to see your images on a secure website with in 10-14 days after your session. You will be emailed a link with the website information, as well as your password.

Will I be able to specify how the images are used?

Absolutely. With each contract you have the choice for Full or Partial Release. We do require a release so that we can present your proofs to you on a personal, password-protected online gallery.

If you decide on Full Release, we may use a few of your images for our Unveiled Photography portfolio, on the Unveiled Portraits website and/or blog, or in advertisements. Any images used are always consistent with our high standards of taste and judgement. Also, your images will NEVER be paired with your name.

If you decide on Partial Release, we may still use your images for our website and/or blog, but these images will NOT show your face or any identifying features. This includes tattoos, personalized clothing/jewelry, scars or other visual items that could be used to identify you (think: foot, leg, back shots, ect.). As with Full Release, your images will NEVER be paired with your name.

I’m concerned about my privacy…how will my images be handled and by who?

Privacy is our #1 concern for all of our clients. We give you a password protected individualized online website to view your photos. All photos are handled exclusively by the photographer and in-office manager (both of which are female). Imagess are not published without a signed full-release.

Can I purchase digital files from my session?

No. Because privacy is one of our biggest concerns, we do not sell digital files. We wouldn’t want the images to land in the wrong hands.

Is the photographer a female?

Yes, as well as her in-office staff and assistants.

I have a few friends interested in doing boudoir, do you have specials for that?

Yes, if you have a group of at least 3 or more, then we do offer a special percent off each session. Each girl will be given a session time and photographed individually!

I love my boudoir photographs!!! Does Amy do wedding photography too?

Yes!  In fact, many of our boudoir ladies came to us first as brides-to-be looking for a wedding photographer!  More information regarding wedding photography can be found at the link here.